Engine Size
2.4L flat 6-cylinder
Transmission Type
4-Speed Sportomatic
Body Style

1973 Porsche 911 T CIS Sportomatic Coupe

Very original example of the classic 911T CIS given its year, equipment and overall condition, special ordered with a Sportomatic Transmission, Air Conditioning, AM/FM Blaupunkt Radio & Cookie Cutter rims. Finished in the original color combination (Silver Metallic/Red), one repaint with an all-original interior, which has never been restored. Perfect door pockets, dash, carpeting and leather front seats.

The current owner has had this 911 for nearly 20 years. Over $14,000 was recently spent between 2017 and 2018 for the engine rebuild and transmission work. Exceptional driver with a smooth shifting transmission, four-wheel disc brakes, and very powerful 2.4-liter engine. The last of the desirable early 911's which was the best to drive.

Porsche divided the production of the 1973 model into two segments. They built the first segment of 1973 production in the last half of 1972 with MFI (Mechanical Fuel Injection) and they built the second segment in the first half of 1973 (1973-1/2). The 1973-1/2 was the first Porsche 911 with the Bosch CIS fuel-injection system, which Porsche used for the next 10 years. That CIS system in the 1973-1/2 was only available on the 911T Coupe and 911T Targa, and all of those units were shipped to the USA. Total production for 1973-1/2 911 was only 1,944. All with CIS, 96 of these have Sportomatic. The 1973-1/2 911T is the last model built with the long hood body style, which gave the classic 911 its legendary profile. It is also the last model with the 2.4 engine, one of the most dependable engines Porsche ever built. This 911 is equipped with a Sportomatic 4-speed transmission. It has a torque converter that allows the driver to leave the gearshift in the "D" position and avoid the repetitive clutching in and out in heavy traffic. In normal driving, the driver can shift up or down, but with no clutch. The second the driver touches the gearshift; a microswitch activates a vacuum pump that disengages the engine instantaneously. This transmission was a special order in 1973; it did not prove to be as popular as had been expected with only a small percentage ordered. This is one of 96 made. This is a very low maintenance, easy to care for 911.


The 1972–1973 model years consisted of the same models of 911— the entry level T, the midrange E and the top of the line S. However, all models got a new, larger 2,341 cc (2.341 L; 142.9 cu in) engine. This is universally known as the "2.4L" engine, despite its displacement being closer to 2.3 litres— perhaps to emphasize the increase over the 2.2 L. The new power ratings were 130 hp (97 kW), or 140 hp (104 kW) in the U.S., for the T, 165 hp (123 kW) for the E and 190 hp (142 kW) for the S.

The 911E and 911S used mechanical fuel injection (MFI) in all markets. The 911T was carbureted, except in the US where it also used MFI, which accounts for the 7 kW (9 hp) power difference between the two. In January 1973, US 911Ts were switched to the new K-Jetronic CIS (Continuous Fuel Injection) system from Bosch. These CIS-powered cars are usually referred to as "1973.5" models by enthusiasts.

With the power and torque increases, the 2.4 L cars also got a newer, stronger transmission, identified by its Porsche type number 915. Derived from the transmission in the Porsche 908 race car, the 915 did away with the 901/911 transmission's "dog-leg" style first gear arrangement, opting for a traditional H pattern with first gear up to the left, second gear underneath first, etc. Some say this was because the dog-leg shift to second gear was inconvenient for city driving, other say it was due to Porsche's desire to put 5th gear outside the main transmission housing where it could easily be changed for different races. The Sportomatic transmission was still available but only as a special order.


Engine Type
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2.4L flat 6-cylinder
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