Engine Size
3.2 Liter V8
Transmission Type
5 Speed Manual
Body Style

1987 Ferrari 328 GTS

This two-owner, low-mileage 1987 Ferrari 328 GTS was completed by Ferrari in June of 1987 and shipped to Ferrari of Houston where it was sold on 8/20/87. The first owner, who would own the car for twenty-four more years, remained in Texas for the first few years then eventually moved Southern California where the car was maintained by authorized Ferrari dealer, Ogner Motorcars, of Calabasas Motorcars. By 1998 that same owner had moved to Las Vegas and where the car was serviced by Penske Wynn Ferrari. In 2011, after twenty-four years of ownership and showing just 18,400 original miles, the widow of the first owner sold it to a family friend. The second owner resumed regular maintenance with the local Ferrari dealer and approved all recommended service items. In 2015, looking for a better stance, he purchased ride-height adjustable Koni Shock absorbers and performance rear springs from Carobu Engineering. Thanks to the adjustable front shocks, this Ferrari sits just right and handles and rides beautifully. Knowing that the next owner may want ultimate purity, the original front shocks are in a box and go with the car. In 2018, the owner moved the car to California where it passed strict emissions testing without any issues. In December 2019, in preparation for a sale to European Collectibles, he had the car fully serviced by noted Ferrari specialist, MD Motorworks of Mission Viejo, CA. During this service, the camshaft belts and all accessory belts were replaced along with tensioner bearings, brake fluid, engine oil, coolant, and AC refrigerant. The fuel tanks were drained and the crossover hoses were replaced. The camshaft seals and coolant expansion tank were inspected (as they are known to be faulty) and found to be in good shape as they had been done less than 2,000 miles earlier by Penske Wynn Ferrari in Las Vegas. Additionally, new Continental tires were fitted and a road test revealed that the car performed as expected. With a clean bill of health in hand, the Ferrari was sold to European Collectibles with 19,050 original miles at the end of January 2020. This is an immaculate and iconic Ferrari that has very low original miles, is complete with all owner's handbooks, tool kits, jack kit, two sets of keys and a complete set of service records that date back to new.

Receipts are on hand for all maintenance performed and a summary is below.

Sold New – 8/20/87 – Ferrari of Houston

1,500 Miles – 9/29/87 – Ferrari of Houston – 1,500 Mile Service – No Charge

7,588 Miles – 4/12/93 – Ogner Motorcars – 7,500 Mile Service - $158.10

12,311 Miles - 8/2/94 - Ogner Motorcars – Oil and Filter Service - $165.66

12,422 Miles – 8/15/94 – Ogner Motorcars – AC Repair - $388.08

15,662 Miles – 7/8/97 – Ogner Motorcars – 30K Service - $3,981.04

17,991 Miles – 9/4/09 – Penske Wynn Ferrari – 30K Service - $8,305.91

18,097 Miles – 6/13/11 – Penske Wynn Ferrari – New Battery and Hinge Repair - $1,335.03

18,143 Miles – 10/21/11 – State of Nevada – Smog Test $24.99

18,345 Miles – 8/28/12 – Penske Wynn Ferrari – Repair Coolant Leak and Service - $5,163.06

NR – 3/2/14 – Firestone Auto Care – Tires - $690.59

NR – 5/21/14 – Carobu Engineering – Koni Adjustable Shocks, Eibach Springs - $1,335.00

18,663 Miles – 6/26/15 – Italy Service – Replace Shock Assemblies, Oil Change - $744.85

18,863 Miles – 1/13/18 – Performance Haus – CA Smog - $70.00

18,867 Miles – 2/27/18 – MD Motorworks – Service, Fuel Pump, Adjust Ride Height - $1,548.56

19,013 Miles – 12/27/19 – MD Motorworks – 30K Service, New Tires - $5,893.73


Engine Type
Engine Size
3.2 Liter V8
Fuel Specification


Body Color
Rosso Corsa
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