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1972 Porsche 911S Coupe

• VIN 9112300984
• Engine No. 6321484 (matching)
• Trans No. 7326330 (matching)
• Certificate of Authenticity

This Porsche 911S was completed at the factory in March 1972 and equipped for Italy. Original specification - Viper Green (also known as Emerald Green) with a Black leatherette interior. Beautiful condition repainted in the original color a few years ago with very good gaps and panel fit. Very desirable 1972 model with outside oil fill on the passenger's rear fender. Equipped with European H4 headlights, the S package with chrome fender trim and S front bumper (72-73 models only) a discreet spoiler under the front bumper to improve high-speed stability. One of only 1,750 - 911S coupes built for the 1972 model year. Matching numbers per Certificate of Authenticity. Excellent mechanical condition, recently rebuilt disc braking system, strong 2.4-liter engine (producing 190 BHP at 6500 RPM), Bosch mechanical fuel injection (MFI), great compression and smooth-shifting 5-speed manual 915 transmission. Original floor pans and front suspension pan, solid and rust-free example. Refinished Fuch alloy wheels with new Michelin XWX 185/70 VR15 tires. The 2.4L 911S is truly one of the BEST early 911s to drive.

Few cars made as permanent a mark in the automobile history in both engineering and design as the Porsche 911 and the 1972-1973 2.4-liter production year is widely considered Porsches best vintage 911. Today, the early model years (1965 to 1973) are considered highly collectible, offering the purest forms of an iconic sports car. Early 911's embody a combination that is rare among collector cars today. They have unparalleled drivability and usability, especially when compared with other cars of this the same vintage.

History of the 1972 911S
The 911S was the top-of-the-line with the power and torque increases, the 2.4 L 911s also got a newer, stronger transmission, identified by its Porsche type number 915. Derived from the transmission in the Porsche 908 race car, the 915 did away with the 901/911 transmission's "dog-leg" style first gear arrangement, opting for a traditional H pattern with first gear up to the left, second gear underneath first, etc.

In 1972 a tremendous effort was made to improve the handling of the 911. Due to the 911's unusual engine placement (rear-mounted, with most of the vehicle's weight concentrated over the rear axle), early 911's were prone to oversteer when driven at the limit and could easily spin in the hands of an inexperienced driver. In an attempt to remedy this, Porsche relocated the oil tank from its position behind the right rear wheel to in front of it. This had the effect of moving the weight of almost 8.5 L (9 US quarts) of oil from outside the wheelbase to inside, improving weight distribution and thus, handling. To facilitate filling of the oil tank, Porsche installed an oil filler door (much like the fuel filler door on the left front fender) on the right rear quarter panel. Unfortunately, this unique design was scrapped after only one year, some say because inattentive gas station attendants were putting gas in the oil tank. The oil tank was subsequently relocated to its original position for model year 1973 and remained there until it was relocated within the wheelbase for the 964 models.


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