1. How do I arrange for Payment?

    Payment for cars can be made in several ways. First, if you are planning to visit us you may wish to bring travelers checks or cash with you (U.S. Dollars). When buying a car over the telephone, our customers usually wire transfer funds to our bank.

  2. Is Financing available?

    There are two companies we recommend for financing. Please visit our Financing Page for more details.

  3. Do you ship the cars?

    We arrange shipping to any destination worldwide. Fully enclosed or open transportation to the East Coast is easily arranged, average cost of $950.00 to $1,885.00. For our international customers, in most circumstances, cars are packed into containers and secured in wooden frames to minimize the possibility of damage. The cost of shipping an average sized car to Antwerp, Felixstowe or Bremen, for instance, is US$1,185.00. This price includes all costs from our showroom to the port of Antwerp, Felixstowe or Bremen. There is also optional insurance available at a cost of 1.5% of the value of the car. All shipping and insurance costs are usually paid on arrival of the car. The typical journey time from Los Angeles to most European destinations is five weeks, including time for packing, loading and unloading.

  4. How current is your Stocklist?

    We try to maintain an up to date listing of all our cars. The last time our stocklist was updated is also available in the upper right corner of our website, so keep checking back as we are updating our stocklist several times a week.. Our inventory reflects some of the finest European and British sports cars in the world. Every car on our list is physically in our possession. If you do not see the car you're looking for, please feel free to e-mail us. We'll keep you on file and contact you when something suitable is available.

  5. How does your pricing work? Do I have to pay California taxes?

    When buying a car from outside of California or for export from the USA you pay no local or state sales taxes. Discounts are available for multiple car purchases.

  6. What is the condition of the cars?

    California is a dry state, so rust is not usually a problem for California classic cars. However when buying thirty or forty year old vehicles, do expect to see some minor surface chassis corrosion. There is no annual safety inspection in California. If you are in Europe, where there are stringent safety standards, please expect to have to spend some money on reconditioning windshield wipers, tires, ect!

  7. Do you take cars on Consignment?

    Yes we do! Please visit our Consignment Page for more details.