Dear Chris Casler

Porsche 912 received in one piece, I would just like to thank you for all your assistance. I found your company to be very professional and I would not hesitate to recommend your services should I be approached.

Thanks again

Simon Redfeam

Dear Nick and Chris,

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you both how pleased I am with my recent purchase of the 1959 356 Convertible D Porsche.

First, just the fact that you had one that was so clean was amazing. Second, that Nick and I could work out such a mutually favorable deal on the trade in of my 59 TR3A, and the final price of the 356. Third, that when I experienced a problem after the purchase, even though I purchased the car As Is, you were both complete stand up guys, and stood behind the needed repairs without hesitation or cost.

How could I ask for more from a company? I have bought many NEW cars with WARRANTIES, and never received this kind of service and integrity!

I will continue to rave about European Collectibles, and will send business your way at every opportunity. Thank you for living up to well beyond my expectations.



Chris... The drive home went great.. Perfect weather for driving up the coast... The car zipped right along without a problem... no issues to report.. didn't use much oil either - I checked it several times... Thanks for the great buying experience! 

Dear Nick and Chris: 

The purpose of this letter is twofold: 1) To thank you for the help and assistance in my purchase of my 1964 356SC Cabriolet and 2) Recommend your company to anyone who is looking to purchase a European sports car.

I want to personally thank you both for the help and assistance in the purchase of my first 356. While I had done a lot of research on the cars, I had never driven a vintage 356 nor was I familiar with some of the intricacies of the 356. I first viewed the European Collectibles inventory of cars via their web site ( After a lot of discussion with Chris Casler over the phone, I then came to visit and inspect a 1956 speedster. Chris Casler agreed to meet on a Saturday morning on his day off to view the speedster. After a long conversion, I came to the conclusion that I should pass on the speedster and instead consider the later 356 C, which would be a much better fit for myself, given my driving needs and my experience with the 356. At this point, Chris said that he would look for a 1964-65 C or SC Cabriolet that might fit my needs.

Approximately 2 months later Chris found what he thought would be an excellent example of the 356 SC Cabriolet that might met my needs. After a discussion over the phone, I decide to buy the car sight unseen base on the trust I had developed in Chris integrity. The trust was well founded, as the car turn out to be in better condition than originally described. 

After the car was paid in full, both Chris and Nick repaired several minor cosmetic issues, which were fully disclosed at a very reasonable cost. As a result, I ended up with an excellent example of the 356SC Cabriolet with specific items restored to my needs. With this in mind, I can also highly recommend t

1665 Babcock Street,
Costa Mesa, CA 92627 USA. 
Tel 949-650-4718 
Fax 949-650-5881
[email protected] 
Last Updated: 
Tuesday, April 26, 2016




Hi Chris - Thanks for the pictures. I really appreciate how I was treated by yourself and by European Collectibles. Your service has been professional and excellent! I also appreciate your being able to source the parts for the work I wanted done on the car. It would have been difficult, if not impossible, to source them from here. I just looked at and see that this will be the 21st RSA in Canada and the ONLY RSA in Atalntic Canada! In the future, when asked where it came from, I'll pass on your name and your web site. I'll send an email once it arrives. - thanks again,

Mike McCrea

Dear Christopher Casler

I saw my 1969 911E for the first time, when I went to collect it from the shipping agent at Tilbury docks last month. It had accumulated a little dirt, the battery was flat and a wire had come loose from the flasher unit, but with a tinker under the dash and a jump start from the agent I was soon driving the car to its new home in North London.

Only a new set of wipers and a replacement windscreen washer motor, were needed, for the car to pass the annual MOT car safety test, and while I waited for the new registration number and paper work to come through, that would allow the car to be driven legally in the UK, I treated the car to a good clean, and a service at an independent Porsche garage. It looks and drives great!!

I must say that I was a little apprehensive, buying a car over thephone/internet, having only seen photographs and a description fromyourselves, but any worry I had on this front were unfounded. The car is as you described, if not better.

A big thank you for all your help in making this purchase asstraight-forward and stress-free as possible, and for the after salesservice you have provided.
I won't hesitate to use you again, nor recommend you.

Thanks again.

Jeremy Penn

11-30-04Nick ClemenceChristopher CaslerEuropean Collectibles1974 Placentia Ave.Costa Mesa, CA 92627Dear Nick & Chris,I have owned the car now ten days and five hundred miles. I came to look at a Healey and drove home with a Porsche. What can I say? Thank you. The little red notch-back sure is sweet. It was a pleasure doing business with you again.Regards,Will Goodman'62 356 B

Will Goodman

Subject: 1963 Porsche 356B;
Purchase of

Dear Chris:

I would like to thank-you again for your professional advice and candor regarding the purchase of a 1963 Porsche 356 B Cabriolet from your company. The automobile arrived safely in Stonington on 23 March 2001. As I had mentioned to you via email, the car looks and runs super. ( As a "Super" should!) The overall condition, including structural integrity, performance and handling of the vehicle either met, or exceeded, my expectations. What's more, my wife loves the color! You can take solace in the fact that you were responsible this weekend for making some folks in Southeastern, Connecticut very happy.

As an engineer, I readily admit that I'm part of a very conservative group; working for a firm that designs and builds nuclear-powered submarines it would be fair to say that I've been trained to be more conservative than most engineers. Needless to say, when it came time to purchase an automobile "sight unseen", that decision was accompanied by a certain amount of apprehension and downright trepidation. However, I now know that those fears proved to be unfounded.

I appreciate the fact that you did not take advantage of our great distance apart and approached the sale with a high degree of professionalism. Based on this, I would not hesitate recommending European Collectibles to friends.

Very truly yours,


Hi Christopher 

Thank you for the tool kit for the Speedster it arrived very prompt and safely to the UK. I have used the car a little more (when the sun is out)and it drives just the way you advertised, Perfect! I absolutely love it, and everybody else is astonished with the quality and condition of the 1956 speedster. 

I don't remember if i told you that the car started first time at the dock of collection in the UK, we were amazed that we didn't have to push it onto the trailer. On the motorway driving back home with trailer on tow, someone must have taken the number of the side of the vehicle we were in, they called the office to ask if the 356 was for sale? 

I would gladly be a reference to you and your company. As I think your service has been excellent! 

J.E. Scanlan

Dear Christopher,

Have enjoyed doing business with you the past few months. The '64 Porsche Coupe has been great fun to own. I appreciate the straightforward approach you took in this transaction and the help you have provided after the sale! The latter doesn't happen often these days. You delivered on your commitments in every respect and that made this transaction an easy one for me. The car is exactly as you represented it would be and it is clear that you know these cars extremely well. Thanks for fielding all my dumb questions too. I feel comfortable with the car now and truly enjoy it. 

Based upon this transaction, I would have no reservation whatsoever in buying another Porsche from you and would be happy to serve as a reference for you. Good luck and stay in touch.

Robert C. Salipante Minnetonka, MN

Dear Chris: 

Many thanks to you for helping us find the right 356 cabriolet for us. As new owners in the **356" circles, you helped steer us through our learning phase. 

We appreciated your style, knowledge, and counsel. The net result was an automobile we are very pleased with, and an exceptionally pleasant experience in the process. 

Cathey Wilkins & Brian Jacobson

Dear Christopher,I took delivery of the car today. Peter the driver was very accomodating. All documentation, keys, accessories present as you described. Christopher, the car looks to be in great shape and I can't wait to get some plates on it and give it a good thrashing! Thanks again for all your help. I'm glad there are guys like you out there with integrity and run an honest business providing the dream cars that some of us only dream of owning. I am very grateful that you made my dream come true. Best regards and I hope to contact you again for my next dream- Series I Jaguar XKE.Great doing business with you,

Mark Kostco
Hello Christopher Casler At last I got the Jaguar from you. It is a nice car it looks even better than I thought. I got it last week It was nice dealing with you and I already told others about it.
Jes Kamstrup Denmark

ood morning guys. I'm finally off my euphoric high from this weekend. A personal thanks froms me to everyone at European Collectables for making the 2nd Annual 356 Saturday a smashing success. European Collectables is THE recognised world's leader and driving force in 356's, your support gave credeance to our event. Last year, we had about 15 people attend the Tech Session. This year we counted well over 50 attending. I am now refueled with energy and enthusiasm to plan a whole series of Tech Sessions for the future. As I finalise the subjects, I will keep you informed to give you opportunities to paticipate. My goal is to provide insight, education, and sustained interest in our wonderful cars. Again thanks a million (I hope you guys make that this month)

Roy Lock

"You'll never be satisfied with this car." My wife has watched me go through the experience of trying to make low driver-quality cars into great ones. I've tried six times with other brands and never succeeded. Christopher Casler mentioned that they had just gotten in a 1967 911S, a model I've always wanted. The transmission ground when shifted, the suspension clunked, the interior was tired, all the trim was scratched, and the paint was cracked. All of these faults Chris made clear to me. I made a list of problems that covered three pages. Chris doggedly kept after this list, updating me and suggesting additional fixes. He personally made sure that everything was fixed. The car now looks like a piece of jewelry and drives as well as when it was new. It was Chris's personal attention and the resources of European Collectibles that made possible what had been heretofore impossible to me. In the last year I've asked Chris to sell three cars for me - a 1955 Speedster, a 1960 Roadster and a Morgan Aero 8. All were sold within two weeks at market correct prices. The Aero 8, which trades in a very small market, was sold in two days with two phone calls. Please consider my experience with Chris Casler and European Collectibles when you consider buying or selling classic Porsches or unusual exotics. 

Chick Sandhook
Greetings Chris, My Mini arrived today. I was very impressed indeed. The car was just as advertised. This was the first time I ever bought a car sight unseen. As we discussed during the sales process it did have me a bit nervous. However, everything went very smoothly. The bottom line is simply this... I would have no hesitation in buying another car from you in the future. Cheers

Dear Nick. 

I'm writing this letter to thank for the excellent service I received from your company, when I purchased my E Type last month.

You went beyond what I expected in many instances. The following list is just a few of those cases. 

1. You assembled the engine. 
2. You installed the steering. 
3. You sanded and buffed the car. 
4. You arranged the transportation to my home. 
5. You promptly sent the interior kit when I discovered it missing.

Thanks again

Bob Williams


Dear Nick and Chris

I want to thank each of you for the outstanding 1995 993 Porsche I recently purchased from European Collectibles. The car is immaculate and in tip top condition throughout - it is every thing you said.

As you know, this is the third Porsche deal I have done with you, and each and every time you have exceeded my expectations.

Thanks again. I look forward to doing business with you again and willgladly recommend others to your company.

With very best regards,

Scott Nelson


Thanks for your help and service with my purchase of the Speedster from European Collectibles. I would never have thought to buy an automobile from a web site, but the experience has been without difficulty or complications and I am pleased with the result. The car was fairly represented and European Collectibles has been responsive and responsible at each step of the process. From the provision of more detailed photographs, to the holding of the car while payments transferred, to the arrangement of transportation, descriptions have been correct and commitments have been kept. There has been no pressure or hassle.

If it would be helpful please use this letter as a reference. I can becontacted by phone if any potential customers would like to hear about my experience first hand.

Best Regards,

Jack Logan
Hi Chris Just a short note to express my appreciation for your help finding a low mileage 993 Coupe. The drive back home to Carmel was really fun. The 993 looks and drove great! The car is exactly as represented, thanks for a great car at a fair price. See you next time I'm in So Cal
Richard Fredricksen

Dear Chris Casler;

As you know, I recently purchased a 1988 Porsche Club Sport from you and had it shipped to Canada. I am delighted with my purchase and wanted to express my thanks to you for all of your diligent service. It was a pleasure dealing with you and I very much appreciated your trustworthiness and honesty, especially as I was dealing with you from so far away. Everything about the car and its title was as you represented and it is in excellent condition. Thank you again, and I look forward to the opportunity to do more business with you in the future.

Best regards,

Brian Ayling

Jan 5, 1999

European Collectibles
1974 Placentia Ave
Costa Mesa, California

Attention: Mr. Christopher Casler

Subject: Porsche 911 recent purchase

Dear Chris,

I wanted to write and tell you that I was very pleased with the overall purchase and delivery experience. Both you and Nick were very open and provided all information necessary to allow me to make an educated decision about the car.

The 911 was exactly as you described it and the delivery from Costa Mesa to Niagara Falls, NY was smooth and without delays. The services provided by the transport company were excellent. Both Sue and Vicki at D & D were very knowledgeable and gave me plenty of time to arrange to meet the truck in Niagara Falls. (However, there was some damage to the roof on the driver side; D & D and myself are sorting this out).

You will be highly recommended to others and I would consider purchasing another vehicle from your organization in the future.

Marco Giulianj

September 24, 2001

Dear Chris;

This letter is written to anyone considering purchasing a 356 Porsche. European Collectibles is definitely someone you should consider. I have owned 356 Porsches and other classic cars over the last 30 years. My experience in purchasing a 1961 356B sunroof coupe recently from Chris and Nick was very positive. An honest appraisal of the cars condition is what you want. You will get this at European Collectibles. Also I did not feel any pressure to close the deal. I was given time to properly verify their appraisal and arrange the financing of the purchase. 

Thanks again for your help in securing the 61 Porsche coupe. We have enjoyed it and our mechanic loves it. The only challenge so far has been our difficulty in getting out of parking areas due to all the gawkers.

Dave Krill

I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the great service you provided during my selection and purchase. Having been in the market for a completely different car, I truly believe you helped to steer me in a better direction. Seeing my car roll off the truck last week was such a thrill.

My 356C is such a fun car. I love to drive it, and frankly, I love just looking at it. It now resides in a garage which I share with my brother. I know he looks at it with a touch of envy each time he gets in his 2000 Boxster.

I would recommend your service to anyone looking for a collectable. You took care of everything, including each of the individual items that needed sorting on the car before delivery.

Thanks Again.....I am sure I will stay in touch, you never know when I will be in the market for another toy or an upgrade!

David Saisi

Hi Chris I received the 1968 Porsche 911S Sunroof yesterday afternoon from TFX. The car is absolutely beautiful, and I want to thank you for describing it perfectly to every last detail. The car has exceeded my expectations and I would not hesitate to purchase another car from you sight unseen! 

Chris Mattatall

Dear Chris Just wanted to let you know that I love my 993 C2S! Thanks again. 

Paul Zuckerman

Dear Christopher Speedster has arrived. In overall, I am very satisfied! Thanks. I think the structure of the car is excellent, which is important for me. And it looks gorgeous. One funny thing is the exhaust. This is brand new with a label from ?Dansk Autoparts?, which is a Danish company. Denmark being one of the smallest countries in the world. It is winter time here with snow, so it will take some months before I can drive the car. Looking forward to this! Happy New Year


August 30, 2001

Dear Chris Casler
C/o European Collectible

The Porsche has turned out to be one of the best collectibles I've ever owned. I drive the auto almost everyday to work. I have already had an offer to sell the auto, I told the gentleman I would only sell it at a ridiculous profit from what I purchased the auto. In Del Mar and Rancho Santa Fe there are many other Porsches of varying ages, and I receive much attention from admirers of the auto. A lady down the street from my office came in just to ask who owned the little Porsche outside. Turns out she owns a 356C 1964. I think I might be ready to sell all my MGs and purchase a Speedster.

I've also met a gentleman who is a client of my bank who is very interested in a 1958 speedster. I told him about the 1957 Speedster you currently have for sale. But he rebutted that he wanted a 1958 Speedster to restore, his favorite year is 1958. 

Thank you very much for helping me with this transaction. I've enjoyed the auto very much.

Ricardo Rodriguez

Dear Chris & Nick,

I wanted to thank for the very nice 1964 Porsche 356 SC Cabriolet you sold to us last month. Your knowledge and insight of the Porsche 356 line was very helpful. Our car buying experience with European Collectibles was very positive and we would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone interested in purchasing a classic Porsche.

Thanks again!

Steve Mingrone

Thursday, February 28, 2002 6:13 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: 1957 Speedster

Dear Chris & Nick,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you guys for the great Speedster that you sold Melissa and me last month. Buying the car over the phone was a little unnerving for us at first but you surpassed our expectations when we arrived in Costa Mesa and saw the car in the flesh for the first time. I'm even more of the mind now than then that it doesn't get any better than that. After spending a week driving the California coast we were even more enamored of and impressed with the quality of the car both cosmetically andmechanically. I was also happy with the way you treated us when we returned with our minor list of repairs to be made before shipping. We received the car in perfect order about a week ago but unfortunately it has been too cold to enjoy it on the East Coast. Lots to look forward to with the approach of warmer weather.

Thanks guys.

David Decker

Dear Nick/Chris, Thanks so much for your continued support of the Porsche356 Club and our events including Palms to Pine!! ps; My new A Coupe won fist in it's class and the Grand Prize People's Choice over 33 other cars. Cheers

Bob Lee

Thanks to EC I now have the car I had always wanted--even nicer than I expected--and I bought it sight unseen. It takes car experts with credibility to do that. This car was a special hand built Healy with an XKE rear end, rack and pinion steering, and a Ford 5.0 engine. I could tell be the way it sat and by the racing mirrors and by the authentic Healey body detail, 72 spoke XKE wheels, louvered hood, and the plain but detailed leather interior that the builder knew exactly what he wanted. I could also see that I would not change any of his choices. It was clear he and I saw things the same. I told E C that I wanted the car but must first talk to the owner to ask how the car was built and sorted out. After talking with Gordon I was able to confirm what I had inferred from the photos--This was one heck of a car built by a life-long race car people. European Collectibles went all out with pictures, inspections, running the car with me listening over the phone to noises and comments on the gauge readings. When I heard it start cold and begin to idle down as it warmed I was sold. Once I saw the frame craftsmanship underneath and received commentary from EC and Gordon I said I was buying it. Funny thing, two or three other people tried to buy it while I was dealing on it--willing to pay more. One guy from South Africa tried to buy it out from under me and wire money immediately--but EC sold it as promised, even when they had to wait a couple of extra days for financing to clear. EC arranged first class transportation in a covered truck riding with new Mercedes headed for the Seattle area. 

When I saw that gorgeous little roadster come down the ramp I could not contain myself. A real rare AH with hand built craftsmanship that took 3 years to put together and will never be duplicated in this world. I am thrilled by the car and impressed by the caliber of people I dealt with--hard to find trust in this world these days--thank you EC. 

Bill Duncan

Gentlemen, I apologize for not writing sooner. Christopher Casler, was tremendously responsive to all my questions (which were numerous), and very helpful in walking me thru the process of purchasing my classic 911, from 3,000 plus miles away. My nervousness about buying a car without ever having laid hands on it was quickly eased as soon as it was rolled off the car carrier, and I took my first ride (I did not wait for plates...!) VIP Transport delivered the car around my schedule (which had a tight window since I was traveling extensively). The only downside has been I had not been able to drive it as much as I would like (since It arrived around Thanksgiving), but with spring finally sprung I am getting a chance to take it out on a more regular basis and am loving every minute of it. I purchased a Nardi wood steering wheel (which looks fantastic, a little smaller than the stock wheel) for it and the mechanic said he had five walk ins wanting to know if it was for sale in the few hours it was sitting out front, I told him to refer them to the license plate frame "EUROPEAN COLLECTIBLES, COSTA MESA". Please feel free to use me as a reference, I look forward to doing business with you in the future, but next time I will fly out to take delivery drive up the coast to Monterey and back, before shipping back home. I plan on being in your area shortly on business and will try to stop in to say hello, and thank you and your crew in person.

Charles Visconti

Dear Chris and Nick,

I really appreciated the experience of buying my Morgan from you at a reasonable price with a total absence of ?head games.? Your support before I flew to California to look at the car was all that could be asked for. Thank you also for your after sales support in getting the Morgan to and from the ?interior trimmers? for a new interior then finally shipped to me. It was really refreshing to be treated with dignity and respect by a dealer in exotic cars. I wish the best for both of you and European Collectables.


Bill Price

25 February 2000 

Dear Nick & Christopher 

Just a quick note to thank you both for your help and assistance in the purchase of the two Porsche 914's, the six 912's and the four 356's, which were all delivered safely to their very happy new owners. 

After tracing the cars through yourselves for my customers, I can't thank you enough for the trouble free service and the amount of detailed information you provided prior to purchase. The cars that were bought as restoration projects have now been fully restored, needing only minor cosmetic attention due to the Californian climate. I'm sure they will now enjoy many more happy miles of motoring here in the UK. 

Once again, many thanks for your help and I look forward to purchasing another car from you in the near future. 

Julian G. Hammonds

Chris Casler Just a quick note to tell you "thanks again"! I do appreciate all that you do down there. Also wanted to let you know that the ride home was wonderful. Car drives very well and was a pleasure along the coast highway. Engine and trans very smooth and just the way they should be! All in all a wonderful Convertible D first and foremost! All the best 

Scott B.

Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 08:03:15 +0800





Brian Jones

Hi Christopher, 

I wanted to let you know that I received the 911 T on Dec 30, 1998. All was well, outside of the fact that it was really cold. I want to thank you for the excellent service you provided and I would not hesitate to recommend you and your firm to anyone interested in purchasing a classic sportscar. 

I have already sent you a letter of thanks through the mail. However, should you or Nick require any info or recommendation, please do not hesitate to give out my name and phone #(with discretion; :-). 

Marco G.


I would like to take time to express my appreciation and satisfaction with my recent transaction with European Collectibles, and, in particular, your salesman Christopher Casler. I spotted my '59 MGA on E-Bay and watched with interest as bids climbed to $20,000 +, but never reached Reserve. Having twice followed a car of interest to auction's end only to lose out by less than $100, I contacted Chris by phone 2 days before the end to determine what the seller really wanted. He was forthcoming and knowledgeable regarding the seller, and quickly agreed to relay my questions and,ultimately, brokered a counter offer from me that was accepted.

Several days later, I flew down to inspect the vehicle and finalize the transaction. In a word, everything went smoothly and as planned. Chris was there punctually to pick me up , arrange a test drive, answer any remaining questions, do all the necessary paperwork,(also a "thank you" to your secretary Laura), feed me, (thank you!), and deliver me back safe and sound to John Wayne Airport, the entire evolution consuming no more than 5 hours.

But his excellent service did not stop there. He arranged delivery to my home here in San Jose, and he has continued to act as a middleman to the seller/ restorer, answering queries about the car's history and restoration process. And just recently, thanks to his diligence, I received a Fedex from Euro Collectibles containing touch-up paint I had requested, and to my delight, a vintage car radio that had once been installed in the car.

Christopher is a highly professional and personable individual who is a credit to your dealership. I will most certainly recommend European Collectibles to any of my friends and associates, who, like me, come down with the classic car bug. Thank you, again.

Robert Shook

July 28,1998

Christopher Casler
1974 Placentia Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92627 

Having just purchased and taken delivery of my first Porsche 356, a 1958 sunroof coupe in excellent condition, I recommend you and European Collectables for the fine attention you have given to both me and my car. My visit to the showroom and shop was fun and informative, and I was well treated by you and everyone else I met there. While I was there I noticed the fine care you were taking of all the automobiles in various stages of repair and finish, and this left me with a very good impression of your operation. This, and listening to you talk about the cars, gave me confidence that I could trust whatever I decided to buy from you. When I did decide on that white 356A, I knew that if it met your seal of approval it must work as well as it looked, which it did. After we agreed on a list of items to fix or touch up, you arranged to have them done and they werf indeed done before delivery. Then, following purchase and delivery, you did not simply abandon me and my car, but remained in contact and have proven yourself most helpful in answering all my questions. 

Now, after having driven my car a fair amount since delivery, I can say that it is the right car for me and is a real joy to drive. I heartily recommend European Collectables to any classic car enthusiast.

Roger C. Davidson

Dear Chris,

I wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying my 356C sunroof coupe. This is my 6th 356 and by far the nicest I've ever owned.

I bought the car from European Collectibles because it was the straightest, most rust-free original 356 I'd ever seen. And most importantly, it was very fairly priced.

Your shop did a splendid job with the restoration. I'm pretty picky, so that's saying a lot. Since I took delivery of it I've added an original Blaupunkt Frankfort radio, and headrests, both of which were shown on the Kardex as original equipment.

I appreciated how straightforward both you and Nick were in describing the restoration process step-by-step. You called me at each milestone to report on the progress and offer suggestions (I'm so happy I picked the red leather that Nick suggested). There were no surprises and definitely no disappointments.

All-in-all a great experience. I'll be back.

George Wakefield

Christopher Casler European Collectibles 1974 Placentia Ave. Costa Mesa, CA 92627 Dear Christopher, Thank you very much for your excellent service and answering my numerous questions about the 59 356 cab. I was very pleased when the car was delivered. It looks great, drives well and has a very strong engine, just as you had advertised. The car is a joy to drive. I would also like to thank you for your advise in dealing with the minor problem I had with the car and the prompt delivery of a free replacement part. In the future I plan to add a few additional collector cars similar to the Porsche 356 and European Collectibles will be the first place I call. Sincerely,

Zane Dexter

July 12, 2002

Dear Chris:

I wanted to thank you for all your help and patience during my selection and purchase of the 1973 Porsche 911T. As you know, as someone who needed a car that would not only look great for special occassions but also provide reliable transportation on a day-to-day basis, I was initially skeptical that a 30-year-old car could suit my needs, no matter how cool it looked. As it turns out, not only has the car run beautifully and reliably, but it has also reminded me how fun driving a car can and should be. Thanks for taking the time to address all my concerns and assuage my doubts. I'm certainly glad you did.

Best regards,

Jason Sholl

May 5, 2003
Dear Christopher Casler

This weekend I was driving my new Porsche 356 SC Cabriolet. The weather was superb and the car is really a blast to drive, as you told me. I thank you very much for your help and advise. I am really happy with the deal. I was a little bit hesitant in buying a 356 long distance, but after talking with you, and after reading the "Performance Guide" of Duane Spencer (Chapter 6) there was no room for hesitation. Another reason that gave me confidence is your "References" item on your web site. It is really important because we see the same psycho problems that I have in buying a car, without personal sight. 

So I thank you very much once again. You helped in transforming my dream into reality. 

All the best

Vasco Branco - Lisbon, Portugal


Thanks for your assistance with the purchase of my 1962 Super 90 Coupe. As I mentioned before, when I began looking for my first 356, I was concerned that my limited experience and knowledge of the cars would lead me to make a questionable purchase. After talking with you and Nick those concerns began to subside almost immediately. I felt much more comfortable buying a car from a group that specializes in 356s. The transaction was very simple and straightforward. I never thought that buying a 40 year old car could be so easy.

I have been driving my car almost everyday since I received it and canhonestly say I am extremely pleased with my purchase.

I would recommend anyone in the market for a 356 to look to EuropeanCollectables first.

Greg Robinson

Thanks to you Chris for selling my all of my Porsches. You have a very satisfied customer. I especially appreciate your professionalism.